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Date: August 2013

“When the last hope leaves you, and there is no chance to find a salvation, only than you can hear your own voice, andwon’t be afraid to be yourself”. (Shams Tabrizi)

In August, NGO «Tourism Development Center» with the financial support of the MSDSP project of the Aga Khan Foundation, in partnership with Pamir Eco-Cultural Association and the tour company "Orom travel" implemented a project "Mega Hero on the Roof of The World". The purpose of the project was to promote the adventure tourism and sport lifestyle among youth. More information here



Date: August 2013

In August 2013 started the project "Women’s Entrepreneurship as Mechanism of Financial Stability and Welfare". Within the aims of the project are decreasing the level of poverty among women in rural areas, improving literacy, developing spiritual and cultural exchanges, also preserving the unique varieties of Tajik traditional handicrafts. Financial support by the Embassy of Norwegian Kingdom in Astana. For more information  here


Date: May 2013

"Regional seminar on the importance of handicrafts in cultural indastries and the development of tourism i Central Asia". Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek.

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Date: february 2013

The internet marketplace Globein was officially established. Globein is an online marketplace and offline community of artisans, traveler, buyers, sellers, storytellers and explorers around the world. Talented individuals and organizations around the world who produce handicrafted goods yet lack the ability to promote their goods via the internet. Independent Artisans, Artisan Cooperatives and Associations, and Small and Medium Enterprises dealing with Artisans  can take part at Globein.

For all artisants from Tajikistan, who are interested in marketing their production via Globein the coordination is let by the "Union of Tajik Craftmen" in  partnership with the "Tourism Development Center"-Tajikistan.

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