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Tajik Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet

The Tajik Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in the name of Sadriddin Ayni is the most famous musical theatre in Tajikistan. Opened in 1940, the Theatre is located on Dushanbe’s main street, Rudaki Avenue, near the wonderful Park of Opera and Ballet. The Theatre’s success  was achieved through the work of: L. Kaufman, D. Dalgat, P. Bolenko.A.; the directors: R. Koroha, S. Saidmuradov, V. Rheinbach, A. Makarov; the choreographers: K. Y.  Goleizovsky, A. Procenko; and such artists as: E. Chemodurov, V. Fufygina, V. Suslov. Since 1944, the Theatre has played host to opera performances in both the Russian and Tajik languages.

Address: Rudaki ave., 28, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Phone: +(992  37) 221-62-91


Facebook page: Opera Ballet

Ticket price: 20 TJS

Languages: Tajik and Russian

What’s on: see posters for the current program

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