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Teahouse "Rohat"

Teahouse "Rohat" is located on Rudaki Avenue - the main street of the city of Dushanbe. Built in 1958, teahouse combined the eastern comfort and enormity of the Soviet era. On two floors of teahouse are placed several rooms that can hold up to 1 000 guests. This place is considered as one of the most beloved by guests the Tajik capital. The local atmosphere is conducive to a leisurely and relaxing break.

Teahouse is decorated with patterns of national ornaments, made by the best Uzbek masters. National colors and oriental comfort are captured in every element of designed rooms. In teahouse are possible both- lunch meal from the usual European menu and traditional Oriental cuisine.

People stop here for a fast snack or for a tight lunch. arrange business meetings, celebrate weddings and anniversaries. This is the biggest Teahouse in Dushanbe, well-known to anyone who has ever been in this city.

Address: Dushanbe, Rudaki ave. 84

Working days: daily

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