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Complex "Kohi Navruz"

Initially buiding "Kohi Navruz" (Palace of Nowruz) was planned as a teahouse, but during the construction become into a palace. "Kohi Navruz" has - 12 unusual halls, each of which is made in a special style. The complex has an art room, a banquet hall, a lounge room with carved stone trim, plaster room decorated with mirrors, two VIP rooms. At the same time building is ready to place 3 thousand. 200 guests.

All the rooms of the palace are decorated by local artists, craftsmen: there are wood carvings and Florentine mosaic from the local semi-precious stones, Mosaics made of colored mirrors, painted ceilings. On the walls - scenes from the ancient legends, on the ceiling - made in the old style, wooden ornaments, which are made mainly by craftsmen from Isfara.

Around "Kohi Navruz" was planted a garden: there are redwood, fir, plum, chestnut, maple, evergreen and deciduous magnolia, buksusa, pine, cypress and birch.

The height of the main building - 46 meters, and the area of "Kohi Navruz" with 12 rooms, surrounding pavilions, fountains and the trestle beds – is about three hectares.

Working days: seven days a week

Cost of the excursion: 25 somoni

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