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In territory of Tajikistan since ancient times there were objects which were traditionally protected. It may includes to them "mazars" (places of sacred burial places), separate trees, wood sites, springs, small unique reservoirs, meadows, unique exits of rocks and others.(

Up to 50th years of the XX-th century, people adapted to life in the conditions of mountain region, intensively mastered mountain territories, but thus considered ecological capacity of territories.
Nowadays development of mountains runs counter to experience of the last centuries. Ten thousand people have been moved from mountains on plains and today the most part of this earth is ruined, subject to the erosion, increasing loadings of pesticides and industrial pollution.(

At the present time for biodiversity preservation in Tajikistan especially protected natural territories (ООPT) representing sites of sharply limited or specialized use are created. They also are allocated for maintenance of ecological equilibrium, reception of the scientific information and the data about course of natural processes in the nature and influences on it of anthropogenesis factors and use with a view of ecological education and propagation.

National parks concern category of the protected natural territories which are carrying out, mainly, functions of protection rare, endemically kinds, genofunds of animals and plants, rare ecosystems, recreational zones and others.(

Some lakes, water basins concern especially protected natural objects, relic paleontology and pale botanical objects, geological both geomorphologic educations and the rests.

The second basic category of especially protected natural territories is made the nature - reserved, by inviolable fund of the state where standards of natural ecosystems, landscapes, unique natural educations, genetic variety of biological resources are saved. National parks, the nature sanctuaries, separate sites of natural and national parks, botanical gardens and some, specially protected objects concern their number.

The legal basis of existence of protected territories in Tajikistan is defined in corresponding articles of the ground, water, wood legislation, and also other standard and legal certificates.(

Nature protection territories in Tajikistan occupy 22 % of territory of republic and switch on 4 reserves total area of 1734 sq. km; 13 ordered occupying 3132,6 sq. km, 24 sports-hunting economy located on 1098,2 thousand of hectare, one sports-fishing economy, three parks (Tajik national/26000 sq. km/, Shirkent prirodno-historical/30 sq. km / and Sari-Hosor natural/38,05 sq. km/, for the recreational and educational purposes).

The protected natural territories existing in republic have number of lacks. First, this absence To the earth - building projects and real mode of protection. Even reserves, without speaking about ordered, are exposed to active economic influence. Secondly, not all landscapes and unique natural objects of republic are presented in the protected territories; many objects still aren't inventoried

Thirdly - there is no accurate and effective mechanism of financing of nature protection activity. Today the basic financing is carried out for the bill of public funds and makes the tenth shares of percent from the national income. (

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