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Private Tourism Development
The objective is to support the development of private tourist companies, hotels, restaurants and other infrastructures of tourist business by means of provision of
informational, consulting and educational services.
• Training for trainers and entrepreneurs “Organization and Management of a Restaurant Business”, February 21-28, Dushanbe.
Participants: 15 representatives of tourist industry, Lecturers and Students.

• Training “Organization and Management of a Restaurant Business” for employees of restaurants and entertainment complexes, April 26-May 5, Dushanbe.
Participants: 32 representatives of restaurants and entertainment complexes.

• Study Tour “Community Based Tourism”, May 2-10, Tailand.
- Kurbonov B. – Chairman, Baljuvan district;
- Ahadov Sh. – Head, Tourism department, Local executive authorities, Bakjuvan district;
- Melnichkov D. – Consultant.

• Presentation of an analytical document “Perspectives of Ecotourism Development in Baljuvan District”, May 31, Dushanbe.
Participants: 40 representatives of executive authorities of Baljuvan district, Khatlon oblast, Ministry of Economy and Trade, tourist organizations, international organizations
and NGOs.

• Seminar on tourism development issues in Tajikistan (in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Trade of the RT and French NGO ACTED), June
1, Dushanbe.
Participants: 30 representatives of tourism sphere.

• Project on the development of a guide-book “Tajikistan and the Pamirs: Companion and Guide”.
• Implementation period: December 2006 – May 2007.
Beneficiary: “Airphoto International Ltd”.

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