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“Private sector tourism development”
The aim is to help small and medium private tourist companies, hotels and private Bed & Breakfasts,restaurants, and other units of the tourist infrustructure by providing informational, consulting and
educational services.
• Basic training for horse guides, March 4 – 8, 2007. Participants: 15 representatives from the Baljuvan district.

• Training and seminar “Organization of guest houses and hospitality”, March 26 – April 1 2007.
12 representatives from the Baljuvan district participated in the training.

• Training “International food”, May 20-23, 2007. Participants: 15 representatives from the Baljuvan district.

• Training “Sanitation and Hygiene”, June 27 – 30, 2007. 15 participants from the Baljuvan district.

• Educational study tour to Kyrgyzstan, July 7-12, 2007, KCBTA (Kyrgyz Community Based Tourism Association)
- Ahadov Sh., Baljuvan
- Sadiev Yu., Sari Khosor
- Sadiev A., Sari Khosor
- Kurbonov I., Dangara

• Set of short–term courses project “Design and promotion of tour product”

• Training of trainers “Design and promotion of tour product”, March 5-8, 2007.

• Course “Design and promotion of tour product”, April 23 – May 19, 2007, September 17 – October13, 2007, October 29 – November 24 2007.
Participants: 39 representatives of tourist industry, lecturers and students.
This course was divided into four phases:
1. Management and marketing of tour product design
2. Pricing of tour product
3. Business plan development
4. Legal aspects of production and realization of tour product

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