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Visa, registration, permits

Tourist visa, including a group represented by the in (T) and is issued:

• foreign citizen arriving to the Republic of Tajikistan as a tourist or a group of foreign citizens arriving to the Republic of Tajikistan for tourism and organized tourist groups (at least 5 people, but not more than 50).

It should be remembered that the prerequisites for group tourist visas are: the simultaneous arrival of all group members at the border crossing at entry and exit to / from the Republic of Tajikistan, to stay in any of  location, and movement on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan  only with the group.

Any foreign citizen crossing border of Tajikistan should have at itself working passport or other document certifying his(her) person, and also the appropriate visa (except for citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine for which the visa to entrance to Tajikistan is not required).

The passport should be valid yet less than six months after date of entrance for territory of the country.

The entry visa may be received directly on arrival at the airport of Dushanbe (in other points of crossing of Tajikistan border the visa yet does not give out) or in embassies and consulates of Tajikistan abroad In the presence of visa support (LOI) from travel agency.

(List of foreign countries whose nationals are eligible to receive visas to the Republic of Tajikistan under the simplified procedure)

Cost of the visa and terms of registration depend on type and planned terms of stay in the country. On these questions it is necessary to consult directly in embassies.

Without presence of the visa, from travelers immediately may demand to leave territory of republic in the same way, and a way which they arrived to Tajikistan.

(Donload Visa application form)

Visas to visiting the country can be issued in the following embassies of Tajikistan abroad:

Austria: Universitatsstrasse, 8/1a, 1090, Vienna, tel: 43/1/409-82-66-11, fax: 43/1/409826614/15/21, e-mail:

Afghanistan: Vazir Akbarakhon Rayon Saraki-10, # 3, Kabul, tel: 93/230-03-92, 93/210-10-80, mobile: 070 28 57 08, fax: 93/230-03-92, e-mail: or

Consular Department in Mazari Sharif: tel: 93/79/209-330, e-mail:

Belorussia: Kirov Str. 17, Minsk, tel: 375/17/222-37-98, 289-11-36, fax: 375/17/227-76-13, e-mail:

Belgium: Avenue Lousie 362-365, 1050, Bruxelles, tel: 322/640-69-33, 538-31-39, fax: 322/649-01-95

Germany: Otto-Suhr-Allee 84, 10585, Berlin, tel: 49/30/347-93-00, fax: 49/30/347-930-29, 347-930-18, e-mail:

Kazakhstan: Astana, tel: 7/3172/24-13-15, 24-09-29, fax: 7/3172/24-13-15, 24-09-29, e-mail: or

Consular office in Almaty: tel: 7/3272/69-70-59, fax: 7/3272/69-70-59

China: Ta Yuan # 5-1-41, Diplomatic Compound, 100 600, Beijing, tel: 86/10/653-225-98, fax: 86/10/653-230-39

Kyrgyzstan: Karadarinskaya Str. 36, 720031, Bishkek, tel: 996/312/51-14-64, 51-23-43, 51-25-87, fax: 996/312/51-14-64, e-mail:

India: Delhi - tel: 11/261-542-82, fax: 11/261-542-82, e-mail:

Iran: Nievoron Sq. Shahid Zeinali Str. 3, bloc 10, Tehran, tel: 98/21/222-995-84, 228-092-49, fax: 98/21/228-092-99, e-mail:

Pakistan: House 90, Main Double Road, F-10/1, Islamabad, tel: 92/51/229-34-62, 229-46-75, fax: 92/51/229-97-10, e-mail:

Russia: Moscow, 121069, Granatny Pereulok 13, tel: 7/095/290-57-36, 290-02-70, 290-38-46, 290-41-86, 290-14-47, fax: 7/095/290-57-36, 291-89-98, 290-61-02

USA – 1005 New Hampshire Avenue, North West Washington D.C. 20037, tel: 1/202/223-60-90, fax: 1/202/223- 60-91, Consular department - 1725 K Street, N.W., Suite 409, Washington D.C. 20006, e-mail:

Turkmenistan: Garashsyzluk Shaely 4/2, Ashghabad, tel: 993/12/48-01-63, 48-17-45, fax: 993/12/48-18-77, e-mail

Turkey: Mahatma Gandhi Caddesi 36, 06700, Ankara, tel: 90/312/446-16-02, 0532/244-54-35, fax: 90/312/446-36-21, e-mail:

Uzbekistan: A.Kahhor Str. 6, 700090, Tashkent, tel: 998/71(2)/54-99-66, 54-84-13, 54-89-69, 55-64-78, 54-19-32, 152-54-79, fax: 998/71(2)/54-89-69, 152-68-72, e-mail:

If it’s necessary to prolong the period of a presence for territory of the country (" to prolong the visa ") it is possible in consular management of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Republic of Tajikistan, located at: city of Dushanbe, Rudaki avn. 42, Phone: + 992/37/221-15-60, 221-15-41, 221-17-37, 221-43-77, fax: + 992/37/223-29-64, 221-02-59, e-mail: or  the Internet - arrival in the country.

Registration of foreign citizens

After arrival on territory of republic all foreign citizens should register the passports in the appropriate bodies of registration (the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (diplomats and members of their families) or the Department of visas and registration of foreign citizens/OVIR/) within 72 hours. In case of absence of registration (it may be revealed, for example, at the moment of departure, the airport or other border crossing points) you may be fined for infringement of rules of stay of foreign citizens in territory of republic and in the subsequent, to you entrance to the country may be closed.

Also registration is carried out at accommodation in some large hotels in which foreigners frequently stop.

The foreign citizens who have arrived to Tajikistan with the tourist visa are released from registration, if term of their staying in the country does not exceed 30 days. If stay of citizens exceeds this term, it will be necessary to undergo registration procedure in Department of visas and registration of foreign citizens/OVIR/.

Citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine do not released from registration.

It’s necessary following documents and information for the registration:

• Passport;

• Photo (the size as on the passport);

• Address of the constant residing for the period of stay in republic;

• Receipt on payment of an admission fee.

For registration you can apply at:

Department of visas and registration of foreign citizens (OVIR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Central office:

Office of Visas and Registration for Foreign Citizens (OVIR, Central Office)

734025, Dushanbe, street. M.Tursunzade, 5

phone: + 992/37/227-67-11, 227-56-84

Department of visas and registration of foreign citizens (OVIR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, MIA city office:

Office of Visas and Registration for Foreign Citizens (OVIR, Dushanbe Branch Office)

734018, Dushanbe, N. Karabaev Ave. 36/3

phone: + 992/37/233-76-88, 233-76-40, 233-75-27, 233-77-88

Department of visas and registration of foreign citizens (OVIR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Soghd district:

Office of Visas and Registration for Foreign Citizens (OVIR, Sogdiyskaya Oblast Branch Office)

735700, Khojent, Kamol Khujandi Str. 170

phone: + 992/3422/6-50-51

It is required to be without registration in the territory of the republic not more than 72 hours (3 days)

Special sanctions for visiting separate areas of Tajikistan

For visiting separate areas of Tajikistan except for the visa, the special sanction is required also. It concerns visiting some areas of so-called "border zone", is especial in GBAO (Pamir), south of Tajikistan, and Sarez lake.

You can apply for the appropriate sanctions (permission) for visiting a border zone at the Department of visas and registration of foreign citizens (OVIR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Sarez lake permission – at the Committee of Emergency Situations and a civil defense.

High-permit and ecological collection …

According to the Republic Tajikistan Governmental order № 220 from 02.04.2009, all mountain tourists and climbers are released from payment of obligatory payments for wildlife management (high-permit, ecological collection).

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