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Tajikistan can be reached by plane, train or car. The country has direct flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Almaty, Bishkek, Riga, Istanbul, Dubai, Urumqi, Tehran, Mashhad, Frankfurt am Main, etc. Air services on the market of the republic with more than 10 national and foreign carriers companies. As the national airline "Tajik Air" and "Somon Air" has more than 10 flights a week in different regions of Khujand, Kulyab, Khorog. There are several local airports and international destination in Tajikistan. Major international terminals are located in Dushanbe, Khujand and Kulyab. All details about the airfare of the above flights can be found on their Web sites:


Turkish Airlines

Somon Air


Tajik Air

S7 Airlines

Russia Airlines

Domodedovo Airlines


China Southern Airlines

Booking of tickets you can make  through travel agency "Tajikintourservis"  which is an accredited agent of IATA

Taxi fare from the airport to the center of Dushanbe around 25 Somoni.

Entry and exit in Tajikistan is possible via any international border crossing point, open to entry, including:

International airport in Dushanbe

International Airport in Khujand

Railroads Termez (Uzbekistan) - Dushanbe (Termez - Denau - Dushanbe)

Osh (Kyrgyzstan) - Kyzyl-Art - Murghab - Khorog (Pamir highway)

Roads Samarkand (Uzbekistan) - Penjikent (Tajikistan) - Jarteppa. ATTENTION CLOSE!

Roads Batken (Kyrgyzstan) - Isfara (North Tajikistan)

Roads Kokand (Uzbekistan) - Kanibadam (North Tajikistan)

Auto-bridge between Afgan and Tajik Ishkashim

Auto-bridge between g.Sherhan Bandar (Afganistan) and Nizhniy Panj (Tajikistan)

Railroads Gulistan (Uzbekistan) - Khujand (Tajikistan)

Highway between Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Khujand (Oybek-Tajikistan)

Roads Syulyukta (Kyrgyzstan) - Proletarian passing along the railway

Roads Denau (Uzbekistan) - Tursunzade (west of Dushanbe)

The following border crossing points are currently NOT open to tourist:

village Langar, Ishkashim district, GBAO

area Kyzyl Rabot (Gunjbai), Murgab district, GBAO

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