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Nature and History park "Shirkent"

Nature and History Park (NHP) "Shirkent" was established by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan in 1993, September 12, № 462. The main purpose of the Nature and History park is to preserve the gene pool of the unique flora and fauna, natural ecosystems and cultural values, to study the nature of the South-western Hissar region, and also to organize eco-tourism. NHP "Shirkent" is located in Tursunzade region, in the Basin of Tursunzade River, on the southern slopes of the Hissar Mountains. The park, mostly, has natural boundaries, in the north – there is a ridge Mechetli (Koldyrga), and in the west and east there are rivers Obizarang Karatag. The southern boundary of the park is near the village of Shirkent.

You can get to Shirkent from Dushanbe (100 km) or from Uzbek-Tajik border (border control post  Sari Osie - 55 km.)


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