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State Nature Reserve "Romit"

State nature reserve "Romit" is located on the southern slope of the Hissar range near the river Kafirnigan. The southeastern boundary of the reserve is adjacent to the Karategin range. The reserve has the shape of a triangle. The side from the west is the river Sorbo, from the north -  Ushrut and Vashrut gorges and. The top of the triangle is oriented to the south and is located at the confluence of Sardai Miyona and Sorbo rivers, forming a river Kafirnigan. The total area of ​​ the reserve is 16 100 hectare. “Romit” Reserve is a mountain-landscape forest reserve. The purpose of the reserve is to study and conserve species of fauna and flora listed in the Red Data Book of Tajikistan, in particular, the Tien Shan brown bear, snow leopard, otter, porcupine, golden eagles and many species of plants such as onions Anzur, holmon, onions Suvorov etc.


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