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The world's tallest flagpole

Tajikistan’s national three-color flag, measuring 60 meters by 30 meters, will be officially raised up the newly erected flagpole today evening. We will recall that a new flagpole erected in Dushanbe in May looks set to enter the Guinness Book of Records.   On May 24, residents of the Tajik capital were witnesses of the national flag of Tajikistan rising to the top of a 165-meter flagpole.  It was a test flag hoisting. Construction of the flagpole began on November 24, 2010, Tajikistan’s National Flag Day.  The Dushanbe Flagpole is considered to be the tallest flagpole in the world, beating the formerly record holding the National Flagpole in Azerbaijan (162 meters). Representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records are expected to attend the ceremony and they will present the Guinness record certificate to representatives of the Tajik authorities.

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